Changes Made to Law Requiring Hotels to Display Human Trafficking Posters

As the NC General Assembly enters the final stretch of its 2018 short session, the North Carolina Travel Industry Association went to work (at CAHA’s request) on a modification to a 2017 law requiring hotels, restaurants and welcome centers to display a controversial human trafficking poster in their lobbies. The law required every hotel and restaurant that holds an ABC permit to display the posters in plain view of the public. While CAHA firmly supports any initiative that helps to prevent human trafficking, the signs did not display a message of welcome and hospitality.

NCTIA and CAHA worked with legislative leaders to modify the language in a new bill, Senate Bill 335 (Budget Technical Corrections and Study). The new language now reads: All permittees shall prominently display on the premises in a place that is clearly conspicuous and visible to employees and the public a public awareness sign created and provided by the North Carolina Human Trafficking Commission that contains the National Human Trafficking Resource Hotline information.

Senate Bill 335 passed the Senate on Wednesday and was approved by the House on Thursday. The bill is now on Governor Roy Cooper’s desk and will likely take effect without a veto. Barring a veto, the law will now limit the requirement to back-of-the-house display in plain visible view of employees.

CAHA leadership is currently meeting with the CMPD to gain a better understanding of the human trafficking issue as it relates to our community and how we might further support initiatives that bring an end to human trafficking. More information will be shared at the CAHA General Manager’s meeting on July 16, 2018 at the Ritz Carlton. General Managers can RSVP online at