Discounted Bus Pass Program



1.       Determine how many bus passes you would like to order for          the following month. All orders must be submitted to CAHA          no later than the 15th of each month, one month in advance. For example, orders for July are due no later than June 15.

2.       Fill out the order form and return the completed form to              CAHA via mail, fax or email. All return information is                    available at the bottom of the form. Information on the                  various types of passes available can be found here.

3.    On the 16th of the month, CAHA will compile all orders and          pick up passes from the Charlotte Transit Center. We will              then create a packet for you with the passes you ordered, an          invoice and order/return for credit forms for the next month.        This packet will be hand delivered to you!

4.    Any monthly passes that you do not sell can be returned by          the 15th of the month for credit towards your next invoice.            For example, January weekly passes can be returned to CAHA by             January 15th for credit towards February’s order.

5.   Reconcile your invoice with a check payable to                                 “Charlotte Area Hotel Association” and mailed to CAHA by           the 15th of the month. You may also pay online.


Under our program with CTC, you may provide transit passes to your employees free of charge, or you may sell them at the reduced price that you paid for them. You may not charge more than what was paid for the passes. Administrative, handling fees, etc. are not allowed.

If you have any questions about the Discounted Bus Pass program please contact Sarah at 704-333-8445 or